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Our high detailed Polyurethane Rubber Molds are extremely tough and durable and is one of the best possible methods of reproducing the highest standard of detail in concrete paving products,  year after year.

If your Polyurethane Rubber Mould (or any other rubber mould) is used according to these guidelines it will ensure great detail on your concrete products, and years of satisfaction.
  • Some release lubricants/agents attack different types of rubber in different ways. Lubricants like old/new motor oil, diesel, and old cooking oil etc. should never be used on your Polyurethane Rubber Mould. (or any other rubber mould)
  • Always support or brace your mould with wood or plywood around the sides and bottom to ensure true shape and minimal stresses on the mould outer sides.
  • Avoid mould exposure to the sun. Shade is always the better option for any rubber product.
  • Never hit your mould with an object/hammer to de-mould your concrete products. If our prescribed release agent is used, your product will de-mould easily.
  • Never use sharp objects to clean or scrape off concrete residue from your mould. Your mould is extremely abrasive resistant, but not cut resistant!
  • Always clean your mould with water and a semi-soft brush after use. High-pressure cleaners can be used, but with caution - nozzle not closer than 40 cm. Remove all cement-based residue. (Start each day with a clean mould)
  • The highest temperature at which your mould should be used is 50 - 85 deg Celsius. Your polyurethane mould can tolerate short period temperature increases of up to approximately 120 deg Celsius.


A company called Achak offers a cost effective release agent/oil, suitable for use with Polyurethane Rubber Moulds

  • It will not evaporate off the mould by heat, neither will solvent free water or rain wash it off.
  • It does not contain solvents and is therefore suitable for most rubber products. 
  • Coverage is 8 – 10 square meters per liter, and it can be sprayed, brush or rolled onto the mould.
They can be contacted at:

Tel: 0861-127425 (ASHAK) or +27(11) 822-2320. Fax: +27(11) 822-2354 or 0866-766- 232
473 Sam Green Road, Greenhills, Tunney 1429


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